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Cryotherm: Kryobehälter und Transportkühlung Gas

Helium vessel, liquefied helium, vessel for storing and transporting liquid helium

Vessel for liquid helium

Cryotherm develops, manufactures and sells liquid helium vessels, vessels for liquid helium for medicine, space travel and research.

Liquid helium vessels are cryovessels that are used for the storage or transport of liquid helium, cryogenically liquefied helium, liquid helium.

Cryovessels are also known as dewars. They are vacuum super-insulated vessels, i.e. vessels with super-insulation for the storage and transport of cryogenically liquefied gases such as helium, liquid helium.


  • Our HELIOS® vessels are vessels for the storage of liquid helium. The vacuum super-insulated vessels of the HELIOS® series are used for the storage of cryogenically liquefied helium. Thanks to their robust construction, best selection of materials and perfect finishing, the HELIOS® vessels guarantee the lowest evaporation rate on the market.

The welded design made of antimagnetic, highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminium is one of the quality features of these cryogenic systems, which are subjected to constant quality control at every phase of production.

Liquid helium vessel


  • Our STRATOS® models are helium vessels that can also be used for transporting cryogenically liquefied helium on the public road network. Vacuum super-insulated transport and supply vessels for stationary and mobile use. Benefit from the many advantages of the STRATOS® series for your applications with cryogenic liquid helium. Easy handling and high safety standards are the distinguishing features of this lightweight series. Our wealth of experience, technical know-how and highly qualified manufacturing skill all go into the production of these high-tech vessels and containers.

It goes without saying that our STRATOS® vessels are type-approved according to the ADR 2011 guideline on the international carriage of dangerous goods and 2010/35/EU, the European directive on transportable pressure equipment with the π marking.

Here are some examples of procedures where helium vessels are used for transporting liquid helium:

  • Cooling of supra pipelines, operation of NMR tomographs (MRI scanners)

Besides functioning as a transport and supply vessel, the smaller STRATOS® models can also be used for conducting cryogenic experiments. The STRATOS® 250–1000 SL models are used to supply liquid helium to MRI tomographs and large cryostats.

A convincing option: Highly efficient electrical control unit for pressure build-up

The integrated heating system is both economical and space saving. It enables a regulated pressure build-up for easy extraction of the helium without the need for an external supply of pressurized He gas. Optimized heating evaporates liquid helium and overheats the helium gas in order to achieve good pressure efficiency.

Optional: Integrated, patented LHe decanting siphon with anti-oscillation device and filling connectors

This extraction system can be used with the STRATOS® 250, 380 and 1000SL models in order to prevent thermoacoustic vibrations when the vessels are stationary.

Adaptors in various dimensions to match the equipment in place are available for filling or extracting from the STRATOS® vessels.

  • easy and safe: no need to install a siphon

  • extraction tube remains cold constantly

  • no loss of helium when a siphon is installed

  • no problem in low rooms

  • low investment costs for siphon due to adapter system for various filling equipment

  • low siphon wear and tear due to secure and protective storage facility on the container

  • patented anti-oscillation-system ensures low evaporation rates

Advantages that convince:

  • low evaporation rate (only 0.9 % in STRATOS® 100SL)

  • optimized super-insulation

  • robust transport frame

  • compact dimensions

  • safety neck pipe

  • patented anti-oscillation-system (optional) for the integrated transfer siphon (optional)

  • vacuum valve safety device and integrated safety devices on the attachment

  • smooth running castors

  • safety attachment with exhaust, pressure build-up and evacuation connection

  • overflow device which can be shut off (70 mbar)

  • various extraction equipment options are possible

  • easy-to-set pressure regulator

  • transfer pressure of 0-500 mbar

  • low maintenance

  • wide range of accessories

Helium vessel, liquefied helium, vessel for storing and transporting liquid helium

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